Our case stories

⚡ Børsen: We never had this kind of overview before [Case]

Product: SSL360

Thanks to SSL360®, Børsen now has a complete certificate overview for the first time ever. “We’ll keep using it, that’s for sure”, says IT Manager Brian Skibby.

Arriva: Service, flexibility and a solid understanding of our needs [Case]

Product: Customer Portal

“There’s no doubt: We wouldn’t dream of changing anything that runs this smoothly,” says IT Operation Manager Nicolaj Palbøl.

TF Bank: More agility and flexibility [Case]

Products: Managed SSL and EV certificates

Around 90% of TF Bank’s SSL/TLS certificates are EV SSL certificates provided by TRUSTZONE. For certificate management, TF uses Managed SSL.

Atea: We’re never just a number in a queue [Case]

Products: Managed SSL and Customer Portal

The Customer Portal provided by TRUSTZONE allows Atea’s consultants to issue and manage digital certificates on-site for customers.

JN Data: Great support in our own language [Case]

Product: Managed SSL

JN Data expected a user-friendly, intuitive certificate management solution with fast and competent support available—and that’s what they got.