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How to Generate a CSR in WebHost Manager (WHM)

The instructions below are for WHM 11. If you have a different version of WHM, the generation process will be similar, however, you may need to contact your web host for specific instructions.

First, log in to your WebHost Manager control panel.

On the left side menu, click  Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request.

In the Generate a New Certificate Signing Request section, please enter:

  • Email: Your email address where the CSR will be sent
  • Password: Create a password to be associated with the certificate. You will need to remember this password later
  • Host: The domain that you entered or selected when you generated your Private Key
  • City: The city or town in which your organization is located
  • State: The state in which your organization is located (do not use abbreviations here)
  • Country: Click here for the official list of ISO country codes for this field
  • Company Name: The legally registered name of your organization/company
  • Company Division: The name of your department within the organization (this is often “IT,” “Web,” or is just left blank)

Now, click the Create button and copy and paste the entire CSR (including the BEGIN and END lines).

When you receive your SSL certificate from TRUSTZONE, you’re ready to install it.


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