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Downloading a Standard Code Signing Certificate

Download your certificate

Once you have approved the application from the ordering process you will receive the email to download the certificate.

Open the link with Internet Explorer and enter the Pickup Password you created when you placed the order:

Allow the website access to your CSP

Please click yes on the popup to allow the website to list the CSP for your system:

Choose CSP

Please choose your CSP. If you do not have any special need for a specific provider, choose the default Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider v.1.0:

Allow installation of the certificate

Please press Install My Certificate and click yes on the popup to allow your certificate to be installed on your system.

The certificate will be installed to your personal certificate store and can be viewed by opening MMC (winkey + r -> MMC) and adding the Certificates snap-in (Files -> Add/remove Snap-In).

The certificate can then be exported as PFX if needed:

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