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How to Locate and Install a PersonalSign Certificate

After you’ve downloaded your certificate, please continue with this guide.

Also,  if you cannot locate your PFX/certificate file, please follow the steps to reissue your certificate. 

Note: The following instructions apply to installing your certificate in Windows, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.

While your certificate has been downloaded to your computer, it needs to be imported into a Certificate Store before it can be used. Click Start and enter your certificate order number into the Search Programs and Files box.

Click Start and enter your certificate order number into the Search Programs and Files box:



Right-click on the certificate and click Install PFX:


You will now be guided through the Certificate Import Wizard. Click Next to begin the import process:


The next screen prompts you to select the file you want to import. The correct file should be automatically pulled in, but you can browse for another file if needed. Click Next when you have the appropriate file selected:


Enter the private key password. This is the password that was created when you downloaded the certificate. Check the following options: 

  • Mark this key as exportable
  • Include all extended properties (this will carry over all the certificate details during import)

Click Next:


Let the Certificate Import Wizard determine the best place for the installation. 

Note: In some instances, the certificate may not install under Personal. If this is the case then manually select the second option when rerunning the installation:


Click Next. Click Finish:

Your certificate is now successfully installed:

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