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Users & Contacts

In the TRUSTZONE Customer Portal (TCP) users and contacts are used to place orders, receive certificates, alerts, notifications and much more. This page explains the differences between them and how to utilize them.

What are users and contacts?

  • User: Users have access to the portal and can perform actions. Users obtain login credentials and hence they will receive an email notification upon creation.
  • Contact: Contacts are to be used if a non-user needs to be recipient of notification mails, billing contact or assigned for vetting purposes. Adding a new contact will not generate any mails notifying said contact.

User roles

Users come in three different variations with the following differences

  • Gold: Can place and approve orders. Can manage other users and account settings.
  • Silver: Can order certificates and approve orders.
  • Bronze: Can request orders that will need subsequent approval.

User role actions

Below is a table of available actions for the different user roles

RoleCreate UsersCreate ContactsDelete UsersDelete ContactsChange User rolesEdit UsersEdit ContactsPlace OrdersApprove OrdersEdit Account

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