SSL certificate discovery tool for SSL/TLS


Why you should use a SSL/TLS discovery tool

SSL/TLS certificates are essential to any website, online service, or blog. They are used to encrypt communication between servers and clients, ensuring that no one can eavesdrop on or tamper with data being exchanged.

However, SSL certificates have a limited lifespan; hence, they must be regularly renewed to remain valid and trusted. And with the explosive growth of certificates in recent years, renewing and discovering certificates can be a nightmare.

With the help of an SSL/TLS certificate discovery tool, organizations can keep track of their certificates and ensure they are renewed on time. The right tool can also help identify weak and misconfigured certificates and provide guidance on fixing the security issue.

As a website owner, you will benefit significantly from using an SSL/TLS certificate discovery tool. 

It will help you:

  1. Make sure your website stays online and does not display any warnings.
  2. Make sure your Google domain authority is high.
  3. Protect you from cyberattacks that could cause you to lose revenue.

An SSL discovery tool is essential for any organization seeking to ensure that its data and communications are kept secure. By having access to the right toolset, organizations can quickly identify which domains and subdomains are using SSL and which are missing an SSL and act proactively.

Free vs paid SSL/TLS certificate discovery tools

There are a few free tools you can use to discover SSL/TLS certificates, and they can be a great option if you’re on a tight budget and only have a few certificates to look after. However, if you are responsible for more than 10 certificates, including Wildcard and/or Multi-domain certificates, you should consider a paid solution. Paid solutions also tend to be a better choice regarding features, like having the option to renew certificates, getting a holistic view from a dashboard or being able to filter among your certificates. Also, free tools may not offer any technical support, which can be highly needed if you run into a technical issue or a security concern.

The main disadvantage of using a paid SSL certificate discovery tool is, of course; that you must pay for it. However, if you need a more comprehensive and enterprise-focused tool, there are options that won’t blow up your IT budget, and SSL360® is one of them.

SSL360® The only tool you need to stay on top of your SSL/TLS certificates

By using SSL360®, you can discover your SSL/TLS certificates in no time. This web-based SSL/TLS discovery platform is highly scalable and cloud-based. It features a modern, easy-to-use UI that includes a variety of clickable graphs, multiple filtering options, and the ability to perform several key tasks related to SSL/TLS management. SSL360® is the perfect solution for anyone looking to streamline or simplify their SSL/TLS certificate management processes or simply want an easier way to keep track of their certificates and keep them up to date.

The SSL360® platform allows you to easily monitor, manage and track all your SSL/TLS certificates from one central location. Using the platform’s intuitive dashboard, you’ll see at a glance which certificates are about to expire, which have already expired, and which certificates have just been renewed. Furthermore, you will be able to view detailed information about each certificate, such as the name of the issuer, the validity period, and other details.

Possibly the best SSL/TLS discovery tool out there.

Unlike virtually all other SSL/TLS discovery or monitoring tools, you can get a complete overview of all your domains and associated certificates in just a few minutes. Without any effort from you, SSL360® can locate your company’s domains and link them to related certificates, regardless of where they were purchased.

Organizations often overlook improperly configured SSL/TLS endpoint services, underestimating their security and compliance risks. These misconfigurations are a significant vector for breaches. Powered By Qualys, SSL360® can do a bulk scan of all your public-facing SSL/TLS certificates, saving you a lot of time compared to doing one-by-one scans. Each certificate instance will be rated (A, B, C, D, etc.) using SSL Labs’ straightforward methodology, helping system admins to quickly fix and maintain SSL/TLS configurations without being SSL experts themselves.

SSL360’s customers also benefit from being able to buy and renew any type of SSL/TLS certificate through the platform DV, OV and EV certificates. Single Domain, Multi-domain and, of course, also Wildcard Certificates are available. And speaking of Wildcard Certificates, SSL360® can even track and monitor sub-domains secured by Wildcard certificates. As much as companies love the savings they can achieve by buying Wildcard certificates, at the same time, companies experience severe headaches when Wildcard certificates are about to expire. In theory, a Wildcard certificate can protect an unlimited number of sub-domains associated with a domain. This puts a lot of pressure on the person responsible for the certificate, especially when it’s time to renew. Not all, but in many cases, companies fail to document their usage and their sharing of Wildcard certificates; why they also experience that suddenly, a web service stops working, and all hell breaks loose. 

If you are familiar with the situation or just want to avoid this in the future, you are in luck, as SSL360® can discover and list ALL subdomains protected by your Wildcard certificates. Making it easy-peasy for you to get insights about Shadow IT environments and to renew Wildcards certificates with the confidence that you will not experience a fire.

Using SSL discovery software is crucial for any organization

Every website or blog needs solid security measures for various reasons, and you should not underestimate the cybersecurity risks posed by a lack of SSL/TLS transparency. Therefore, using SSL discovery software is crucial for any organization wanting to make sure its websites remain online, secure, and trusted by its visitors.

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