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Document Signing Certificates

Securely sign and seal documents in various formats like Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, and more.

Verify identity

With our Document Signing Certificates, you can verify identity and ensure integrity.

Ensure the authenticity

When you digitally sign or seal a document using a Document Signing Certificate, the person you send the document to will know that it came from you and that it hasn’t been tampered with or changed.

Improve security

Not only does this provide peace of mind, but it is also a legally binding status for documents that can include contracts, transactions, bills, and financial documents.

Speed up and secure business workflows

Whether you’re signing corporate contracts or sending highly confidential client information, Document Signing certificates speed up and secure the related workflows.

unlike handwritten signatures, a certificate-based advanced electronic signature is nearly impossible to forge because it contains encrypted information unique to the person or organization that signed it.

Ensure authenticity and authorship

A certifying signature ensures that you are the author of the document, have signed off on its contents, and actively protect it from tampering as it gets distributed. This is often referred to as an advanced electronic seal.

Certified documents display a blue ribbon across the top of an Adobe document containing the signer’s name and the certificate issuer – providing you, your partners, and your clients a clear, visual indication of document authenticity and authorship.

Sign and approve documents

Approval signatures (also referred to as Digital signatures in Adobe documents) are performed when an individual or an organization signs a document as an indication of consent, approval, or acceptance. Adding a visible approval signature is the equivalent of signing your name on a physical document.

Digital or electronic: What’s the difference?

It is easy to get digital signatures and electronic signatures confused. In reality, there is a significant difference.

An electronic signature is a symbol or process used by an individual or organization to sign a document or file. It comes with little to no validation and built-in security.

A digital signature is based on cryptography and subject to validation performed by a trusted certification authority (like us).

Trusted by leading programs

Our Document Signing certificates are trusted by leading programs like Adobe Approved Trust List and Microsoft Trusted Root Program.

Document Signing certificates are easy to use and a cost-effective way to add digital signatures or seals to your documents.

Got high volume?

For organizations that require a high volume of signatures, we offer two solutions:

Hardware Security Module (HSM)

The signing credentials are stored on a physical device. Internal PKI expertise is required to configure the integration between the HSM and document workflow.

Digital Signing Service (DSS)

A cloud-based Digital Signing Service with no on-premises hardware to manage. Easily integrates with workflows via API or SDK.

Key Features

Digital transformation

Save time and money over traditional wet ink signatures

Flexible validity period

Choose between one, two, or three-year terms.

Unlimited signatures or certifications

Create as many as you need

Ensure compliance

Meet international and industry-specific compliance requirements

Time stamp

Assure all parties of the exact date and time of the signature

USB token

The certificate can be stored on a portable, FIPS-compliant USB token

Sign or seal

Individual, organization, or department-level identity options available

Pricing options

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FAQ Document Signing

What is a document signing certificate?

A document signing certificate is an electronic certificate that is used to verify the identity of the signer of a document and to provide proof of the authenticity of the document’s signature.

How does a document signing certificate work?

A document signing certificate is used in conjunction with a digital signature to sign an electronic document. The certificate verifies the signer’s identity and the signature ensures the document has not been altered since it was signed.

What are the benefits of using a document signing certificate?

Using a document signing certificate can help to ensure the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents, which can improve security and trust in digital transactions.

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