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⚡ SSL360®

The only tool you need to stay on top of your SSL/TLS certificates. Keep reading and learn how SSL360® can automate SSL/TLS monitoring and improve your overall security level.

SSL certificate discovery tool for SSL/TLS


A cloud-based and easy-to use certificate lifecycle platform.


A tool to monitor your certificates automatically – daily, weekly, monthly.


A single place to renew or replace certificates from any CA (Certificate Authority)

Get back in control with SSL360®

Thanks to SSL360®, a highly scalable and cloud-based certificate lifecycle platform, managing your SSL/TLS certificates has never been easier.

SSL360® is built from a dashboard mindset with a modern and easy-to-use UI that includes clickable graphs, multiple filtering options, and the ability to perform several key tasks related to SSL/TLS management.

SSL certificate discovery tool for SSL/TLS

Keep Business Running

The bigger your organization gets, the harder it is to keep track of your domains and SSL/TLS certificates.

SSL360® finds your organization’s domains and certificates in minutes. It provides insights into which of your domains are protected by SSL/TLS certificates, which are not, and which have an SSL/TLS certificate that expires soon. Especially soon to expire, certificates continue to destroy business operations and, in many cases, also the reputation of the company affected.

SSL/TLS certificate monitoring has become increasingly complex

Today, SSL/TLS certificates are used by millions of websites and applications to protect data in transmission. Due to the increased use and demand of using SSL/TLS certificates, few organizations have complete visibility of the deployment of their SSL/TLS certificates. Most companies do not know where their certificates are, how many they have, who issued them or what purpose they serve. This makes certificate management and transparency almost impossible.

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Perform SSL/TLS health checks & get recommended fixes

Managing SSL/TLS certificates goes beyond mere renewals. It entails continuously checking that certificates are correctly configured and meet security best practices, preventing attacks exploiting outdated setups and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Through our trusted partnership with Qualys, SSL360® provides real-time insights regarding weaknesses, deployment statuses, and vulnerabilities. SSL360® efficiently performs bulk SSL/TLS health-checks of your entire certificate inventory.


Perform SSL/TLS Identify Shadow IT

The use of shared certificates is a cost-effective and popular method to encrypt traffic. However, it carries risks as all parties in the certificate share a single private key.

If the certificate is compromised, every website within the certificate becomes vulnerable to attacks. Shared certificates often fall under the concept of Shadow IT, as they are frequently obtained outside of your company’s IT department or security team. This poses a significant threat to your online presence.

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Reduce the risk of using Wildcard certificates

Wildcard certificates are a favoured target for hackers. They can exploit a successful hijack to create seemingly legitimate but malicious sites, stealing confidential information without detection.

Wildcard certificates can pose risks to your business if not properly documented, especially during renewals. It is crucial to know which environments and sub-domains require renewals.

With SSL360®, you can easily discover your SSL/TLS Wildcards and map them to the protected sub-domains. This provides clarity on which certificates are used in different environments.

Scalable solution

SSL360® Key benefits

Ready, SaaS, Go!

Track and manage yours
certificates in the cloud
– no download required

Get Important Alerts

Know what’s happening with your certificates and when they are about to expire

Enterprise Infrastructure

Stay on top of your certificates and find certificates on your domain that you are not in control of

Set Frequency

Monitor your certificates daily, weekly, monthly – you set the frequency, the platform delivers

Avoid Outages

Identify rogue, revoked,
and expiring certificates

1-Click Renewal

Renew SSL/TLS certificates from any CA directly on the platform

Compatible Certificates

Compatible with all public-facing SSL/TLS certificates, regardless of issuer

Top-Rated Support

Unlimited technical customer support included

“We never had this kind of overview before”

Brian Skibby, IT Manager at Børsen


What is SSL360 and how does it work?

SSL360 is a discovery and management tool for SSL/TLS certificates. It allows users to easily identify and manage their SSL/TLS certificates, including discovering new certificates, monitoring expiration dates, and identifying potential vulnerabilities.

What does SSL360® do?

SSL360® finds your organization’s domains and certificates in minutes, providing insights into which of your domains are protected by SSL/TLS certificates, which are not, and which have an SSL/TLS certificate that expires soon. It also performs SSL/TLS health checks and gives recommended fixes to help ensure your certificates are configured correctly and comply with security best practices.

Why is it important to keep track of domains and SSL/TLS certificates?

Keeping track of domains and SSL/TLS certificates is important to keep business operations running and prevent damage to a company’s reputation. Expired certificates can cause business operations to be disrupted and can harm a company’s reputation.

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