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Managed SSL (MSSL)

Instant deployment, automatic configuration, and world-class monitoring of a full range of digital certificates.

What if you could get the security and commercial benefits of digital certificates without the hassle of installation, configuration, and maintenance?

Managed SSL solves that equation: Get instant deployment, automatic configuration, and world-class monitoring of the full range of digital certificates. The built-in one-time vetting feature lets you issue any PKI-based certificate instantly.

Streamline and automate

Streamline mission-critical processes and meet enterprise-specific security requirements at a fraction of traditional IT departments’ cost and time.

Our Managed SSL solution works with all types and levels of SSL/TLS certificates: machine, email signature, Document Signing, Code Signing, Qualified Certificates, Seals for website authentication, electronic signatures, and more.

From configuration to renewal, we take care of every step of the certificate lifecycle so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Issue OV and EV certificates instantly

ccelerate issuance and deployment of your certificates with one-time vetting as part of your Managed SSL Service:

Once we have verified your organization, identity, and domain ownership, you can issue certificates with your vetted information instantly, anytime.

Your pre-vetted identity will be vetted either to a Standard level or to an Extended Validation level:


You can instantly issue OV certificates for the domains associated with your account.

Extended Validation 

You can instantly issue both OV and EV certificates for the domains associated with your account.

Powerful and easy to use

Our Managed SSL Service gives you easy to use controls for issuing and managing your SSL/TLS certificates. You can scale your operations to meet new requirements and adjust your settings accordingly.

More granular user controls allow you to set which users can apply for, approve, renew, and revoke certificates at the domain or profile level, ensuring the right people can access certificate activity.

Flexible no-BS pricing

Keep up with fast-changing market conditions with our flexible business terms. Purchasing options include Pay As You Go, Prepaid Deposits, and unlimited issuance licenses.

As for hidden fees, well… there are none. You only pay for the certificates. There is no setup fee, hosting fee, or reissuance fee. We also do not charge for extended key usages or for having your certificates issued from ECC keys.

We offer significant Managed SSL volume discounts.

Go big, go MSSL Pro

For organizations and entities that manage certificates across different companies, business units, or teams, MSSL Pro is the best choice.

MSSL Pro offers powerful tools to centralize operations, manage certificates, and monitor activities for larger operations.

For a relatively small fee increase per business unit, you reduce countless working hours managing certificates in traditional standalone solutions.

API and Active Directory Integration

Automate certificate lifecycles and workflows with Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol support, Active Directory integration, and additional APIs.

Connect with your existing Active Directory investments and automatically supply certificates to all domain-connected users, devices, machines, and servers without the burden of managing PKI in-house.

What our customers say

“We expected a user-friendly, intuitive certificate management solution with fast and competent support available—and that’s what we got”

Jytte Langhoff, JN Data

The built-in features in Managed SSL help save us time, and we never experience any issues

Daniel Baagöe-Larsen, Atea

Key Features

Full-service PKI management

Manage the widest selection of digital certificates in the world

WebTrust audited

Backed by a WebTrust audited infrastructure

Dedicated Account Manager

Your own, dedicated Account Manager

One-time vetting feature

Issue OV and EV certificates instantly with pre-vetted information

Flexible business terms

Volume discounts available

Pricing options

Contact us to learn more .

No encryption gaps

Best-in-class configuration and monitoring

FKU/EKU settings

Flexible Key Usage (KU) and Extended Key Usage (EKU) settings

One-click management

Revoke, renew, update, reissue, or cancel certificates with a click

Centralized management

Manage multiple business units from one account

FAQ Managed SSL

What is Managed SSL and how does it work?

Managed SSL is a solution that allows for the pre-validation of domains so that SSL/TLS certificates can be issued immediately. This streamlines the certificate issuance process and eliminates the need for manual domain validation.

How can Managed SSL help me manage my SSL/TLS certificates?”

Managed SSL service can help you accelerate the issuance and deployment of your SSL/TLS certificates by providing a one-time vetting process for your organization, identity, and domain ownership. With this service, your organization’s identity and domain ownership will be verified once, enabling you to instantly issue certificates with your vetted information anytime.

How can I get started with Managed SSL?

To get started with Managed SSL, contact TRUSTZONE and we will guide you through the process of setting up the service and answer any questions you may have.

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