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Scandinavia’s largest SSL/TLS certificate supplier. Leading provider of scalable PKI and IoT solutions for encryption, authentication and automated certificate lifecycle management


companies of all sizes have already trusted us with their certificates


years’ experience with PKI, SSL/TLS, and certificate management


of the Danish banking sector is protected by TRUSTZONE certificates


 Scandinavia’s largest SSL/TLS certificate supplier.


We offer custom options for companies and organizations across industries with a full suite of compatibility-optimized, fully scalable certificate products and solutions.

Our options fit all company sizes — from small, one-person businesses and startups needing one or two SSL/TLS certificates to large international companies looking for full-scale, enterprise-grade solutions.

We have more than 19 years of experience with PKI, SSL/TLS, and certificate management. 3,000+ companies of all sizes have already trusted us with their certificates, and more than 80% of the Danish banking sector is protected by TRUSTZONE certificates.

Trustzone employees

The story

Our founders Jacob and Henrik started TRUSTZONE more than 19 years ago. Up until then, they had grown increasingly frustrated with the lack of focus on customer service, quality, and innovation that they had both experienced firsthand.

The mission

“We were young and slightly rebellious, and we were confident that the changes we had in mind would be in demand,” Jacob remembers.

Henrik adds: “Our ambition was to deliver PKI certificates and solutions in a much more innovative and customer-oriented way than what was generally the case at the time.

Mainly, we wanted to provide customers with the same products, but at a lower price and delivered with more quality, integrity, and service.”


The launch

TRUSTZONE literally launched with a nosedive:

On the first day, while in the middle of a call to a potential customer, Henrik fell five feet through a hole in the floor — a relic from the time when our then-office, a former hangar in Copenhagen, was still used for renovating large hydroplanes (planes that can land directly on water).

After a quick check-up at the hospital, Henrik, largely unscathed and unfazed, picked up where he had left off and went on to secure the deal that he had been working on when he fell.

The journey so far

Since then, business has been less rocky: So far, we’ve outgrown four offices and issued far more than 100,000 certificates (and counting!) — all the while maintaining a close to 100% customer satisfaction and retention rate.

And the customer who was on the phone with Henrik when he fell through the hole in the floor? Still a valued TRUSTZONE customer to this day.


The people behind TRUSTZONE

Meet the Management team.

Jacob Højmark


Here’s a fun fact about Jacob, our CEO. He’s our in-house gourmet guru! If you are looking for exceptional dining adventure, Jacob’s the one we turn to for top-notch restaurant tips. His love for food and wine transforms him into our trusted office compass to epicurean treasures.

Henrik Dürr


Here’s an fun fact about Henrik, our CEO. He is a martial arts aficionado, holding a prestigious black belt in taekwondo! Just like in taekwondo, he brings discipline, focus, and determination to lead our company to success.


Jakob Asmussen

Operations Officer

Here’s a fun fact about Jacob, our Operations Officer: Before becoming a key part of our operations team, Jacob was actually a member of the national ping pong team! His precision and agility at the ping pong table are just a glimpse of the dedication and attention to detail he brings to our operations here at the company.

Jon Drejer Tittmann

Vetting/Support Team Lead & OpEx Specialist

Here’s a fun fact about Jon, our Vetting/Support Team Lead & OpEx Specialist: He’s not only a pro at managing teams and optimizing processes but also a passionate runner! In fact, Jon’s love for running inspired him to start our very own TRUSTZONE running club, bringing our team together for healthier and more active adventures.

Maj Hartmann

Marketing Manager

Here’s a fun fact about Maj, our Marketing Manager: Her journey to Copenhagen was a global adventure! Maj has lived in three vibrant cities—Shanghai, Cape Town, and Dublin—before finding her home in the heart of Copenhagen.


Celine Høgsted-Riddersholm

People & Culture Manager

Here’s a fun fact about Celine, our People & Culture Manager: For the past decade, she’s been grooving to the beats as a dancer for Nik & Jay! Her commitment to the dance floor is just as impressive as her dedication to cultivating our company’s vibrant culture.

Christian Brekke Hem

Sales Manager

Here’s a fun fact about Christian, our Sales Manager: Christian is not just a master in sales; he’s also the ultimate go-to person for any kind of appliance you can imagine! From kitchen gadgets to tech marvels, if you need it, Christian got it. He’s our very own “Appliance Guru” around here!

Mathias Jacobsen

Sales Operations Manager

Here’s a fun fact about Mathias, our Sales Operations Manager: He’s not just a whiz at optimizing sales operations, but he’s also a fencing champ! Mathias snagged the bronze medal at the Danish Nationals, proving he’s got some serious skills with a blade.

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