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SSL certificate monitoring can be a challenging and time-consuming task for both large and small companies across the world. At TRUSTZONE, we have developed our very own SSL monitoring tool that automates the entire process. On this page, you will find all you need to know about SSL monitoring.

Børsen: “We never had this kind of overview before”

Why do you need to monitor your SSL certificates?

Today, companies and organizations rely more and more on internet-based transactions and interactions. It has become more critical than ever to have an internal certificate workflow that ensures that all SSL certificates are always kept up to date.

SSL certificates are used both on individual domains and websites, servers, applications, and devices that are a part of a company’s or organization’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

SSL certificates thus help ensure that business-critical information such as credit card information, login information, and other sensitive information is safe when communicating through the internet either publicly or internally within an organization.

Given the increasing use of digital certificates, most companies can easily use tens or even hundreds of SSL certificates at once to safeguard internal communication, business-critical domains, and much more.

The risk of this is that if just one SSL certificate is not renewed in due time and expires, it can compromise the entire company or organization.

Expired public SSL certificates trigger safety warnings in browsers, damaging your company’s reputation and decreasing the traffic to your site overnight. Internal expirations, on the other hand, disrupt all the processes dependent on encrypted communication.

As the usage of SSL certificates has increased, so have cyberattacks, with many hackers attempting to take advantage of any vulnerability they can find. Thus, filing to monitor your SSL certificates properly can have significant economic consequences for any company. According to recent numbers, digital certificates are harvested and hacked every ten minutes or less on average.

Monitoring SSL certificates is already extremely time-consuming – and it will only get worse

Properly monitoring all your SSL certificates is easier said than done. Most companies struggle to allocate both the time and the resources necessary. Also, for the majority of IT security teams, monitoring SSL certificates has historically been limited to renewing a certificate here or there every second or third year.

However, this is changing fast.

From 2014 and up until today, the maximum certificate validity period has been slashed from five years down to just one year. At TRUSTZONE, we’re convinced that the validity will eventually be reduced to as little as one to three months, effectively turning SSL management and monitoring into an even more impossible task.

Automate SSL monitoring with SSL360®

At TRUSTZONE, we know all about how hard it can be for companies and organizations of all sizes to manage their SSL certificates.

Therefore, we have developed our own certificate monitoring tool called SSL360®.

SSL360® is our very own platform assisting you with all issues relating to SSL monitoring and SSL management.

Overall, our platform can perform three critical tasks:

  • It can monitor, detect, and renew all your public certificates and domains.
  • It can help you discover shadow IT within your organization.

It can examine out how your webservers are configured and detect critical vulnerabilities

Monitor and detect all your digital certificates

With SLS360®, you get an all-in-one platform that provides total visibility and total control of public-facing digital certificates across your organization. With SSLS360® you no longer need to worry about forgotten or lost certificates. SSL360® will find them while you get yourself a cup of coffee.

Avoid shadow IT with SSL360®

A couple of other things that you’ll never have to worry about when using SSL360®: Tracking down certificates that reference you but are outside of your control, certificates issued from compromised CAs, certificates issued in violation of your corporate policies, and certificates issued to potential attackers who have taken over an abandoned sub-domain.

Know how your webservers are configured and detect critical vulnerabilities

With SSL360®, you can always get an insight into how well your webservers are configured and detect critical vulnerabilities. This feature allows you to react instantly to changes and take charge when significant changes happen, giving you both added security and peace of mind.

Key features

Ready, SaaS, go!

Track and manage your certificates in the cloud – no download required

Get important alerts

Know what’s happening with your certificates and when they are about to expire

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

Stay on top of your certificates and find certificates on your domain that you are not in control of

Set monitoring frequency

Monitor your certificates daily, weekly, monthly – you set the frequency, the platform delivers

Avoid outages

Identify rogue, revoked, and expiring certificates

Works with all certificates

Compatible with all public-facing SSL/TLS certificates, regardless of issuer

1-click certificate renewal

Renew SSL/TLS certificates from any CA directly on the platform

Top-rated technical support

Unlimited technical customer support included

TRUSTZONE: Trusted by more than +3000 companies globally

TRUSTZONE is Scandinavia’s largest SSL/TLS certificate supplier and a leading provider of scalable PKI and IoT solutions for encryption, authentication, and automated certificate lifecycle management.

We offer custom options for companies and organizations across industries with a full suite of compatibility-optimized, fully scalable certificate products and solutions.

Our options fit all company sizes — from small, one-person businesses and startups needing one or two SSL/TLS certificates to large international companies looking for full-scale, enterprise-grade solutions.

We have more than 15 years of experience with PKI, SSL/TLS, and certificate management. 3,000+ companies of all sizes have already trusted us with their certificates, and TRUSTZONE certificates protect more than 80% of the Danish banking sector.

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