Qualified Certificates

As one of very few European providers, we offer QWACs and QSeals — qualified certificates that comply with eIDAS and PSD2 and enable seamless cross-border identification, authentication, and attestation.

As innovation across markets and industries accelerates, companies have to adapt to the rising expectations and requirements of their customers. That’s easier said than done.

Trust takes a long time to earn

As commerce transitions to become increasingly digital, the latest generation of digital services to meet the customer demands of today and tomorrow require higher levels of trust than ever before.

Without the right certificates and compliances, the dream of customers getting what they need, when and where they need it, is just that – a dream. Having inadequate trust, or worse – not having any at all – can instantly ruin the reputation of a business. This will prompt customers to leave.

Powered by trust

As one of very few providers in the EU, TRUSTZONE provides qualified certificates:

Our qualified certificates are compliant with the highest EU standards including the eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services), which enables next-generation services and transactions across the EU, and PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2), which secures e-payments and enables secure access to customer financial data. 

Qualified Web Authentication Certificates (QWAC)

Strong, transparent, and verified — these are the key properties that web authentication relies on. Without them, offering cutting edge services to your customers is not just dangerous, but now (thanks to new regulatory frameworks from the EU), often impossible.

Our Qualified Web Authentication Certificates (QWACs) are a type of qualified SSL/TLS certificate that offer a high level of assurance as specified in eIDAS regulations.

QWACs are required for identification and authentication of your services at the highest level, and if you are involved with financial and e-payment services, QWACs are also PSD 2 compliant.

When do you need a QWAC?

Our QWAC certificates are most commonly used for fintech services; e-payments, and services in highly regulated industries including those requiring eIDAS compliance.

QWACs also allow you to operate cross-border without having to worry about passing regulatory hurdles in every new market you enter. Entities and servers can easily verify that they are dealing with a trusted business that is employing strong security measures and is transparent about its practices.

Additionally, QWAC enables you to build and deliver powerful solutions and services for your customers from day 1, elevating your existing services as well.

Qualified Electronic Seals, Signatures, and Timestamps (QSeal)

As traditional documentation and verification methods get replaced with digital counterparts, questions arise around how much these counterparts can be trusted.

Our Qualified Electronic Seals, Signatures, and Timestamps (QSeals) are required for attestation and guarantee of the origin and the integrity of data and metadata across a wide range of industries and services – from banking to government, message exchange to signing digital contracts.

QSeals also allow you to operate cross-border without having to worry about passing regulatory hurdles in every new market you enter.

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