SSL/TLS Certificates

Choosing the right SSL certificate is not easy: There is a jungle of certificates, with many of them looking the same – thanks to Google.

We guide you to navigate this jungle and get the right SSL/TLS certificate that shows your visitors that your website is trustworthy and authentic.

Provide trust in the digital age

In a nutshell, SSL/TLS certificates encrypt information and ensure identity.

SSL/TLS certificates have become a seal of approval when handling data and securing transactions: A secure padlock in the browser bar and (depending on your browser) an URL starting with “https” give users peace of mind to share personal information and perform transactions.

Three types of SSL/TLS certificates

There are three types of SSL / TLS certificates that provide public trust to your site and activate the padlock:

Domain Validated (DV) certificates are common, but they provide only minimal validation.

Organization Validated (OV) and Extended Validated (EV) certificates, on the other hand, are known as High Assurance SSL/TLS certificates:

They strengthen security by including verified organization information in the certificate, confirmed by an independent Certificate Authority and by a trusted provider like TRUSTZONE.

The value of High Assurance

High Assurance SSL/TLS certificates tell website visitors that the website is associated with a real organization. They are also a proven, powerfully effective tool against phishing.

As you may have guessed, they come with a higher price tag when compared to DV certificates.

What you get in return, however, is much more valuable. Ask yourself: Can you afford to lose traffic because your site is seen as less trustworthy? What about users refusing to share information or, worse, abandoning your site?

Better DV certificates

DV certificates are entry-level certificates great for encryption and getting up and running in a matter of minutes. You can prove domain ownership using one of several verification options.

Unlike many CAs that offer discounts or freemium certificates, TRUSTZONE actually performs a number of security and phishing checks before issuing your DV certificate. This aligns with our mission to keep the internet a safe place to browse.

Note: If you want to provide identity information, select an EV or OV certificate.

Single? Multi? Wildcard?

Thought you were done? Well, almost!

Now that you have selected the level of validation (DV, OV, or EV), there’s one more decision to make: Do you want your SSL/TLS certificate to be issued as a Single Domain, Wildcard, or Multi-Domain/SAN certificate?

  • Single Domain certificate: The name says it all. A certificate for one a single domain like
  • Wildcard (a.k.a. “Star”) certificate: Protect your domain and an unlimited number of subdomains. For instance, a certificate for * secures,, or Note: A wildcard certificate does not support sub-sub domains like – for that level of flexibility, you have to go for a Multi-Domain/SAN certificate.
  • Multi-Domain/SAN certificate: Once again, the name gives it away: A certificate for multiple domains and subdomains. For instance,, *,,, and can all be supported and secured through one certificate.

One console to manage them all

Speed up the issuance and simplify the management of your digital certificates:

Manage all your certificates of all shapes and sizes with one of our intuitive (and free!) cloud-based SaaS solutions Customer Portal or Managed SSL.

Key benefits

Strong encryption

RSA or ECC keys


Cryptographic Hash Algorithm

Maximum trust

99.9% desktop and mobile browsers

Certificate re-issues

Unilimited and free

Server licenses


Domain ownership

Multiple options to prove ownership

Site Seal included

Trusted SSL/TLS seal for your website


Technical customer support

Boost your SEO rankings

Websites secured with SSL/TLS certificates are awarded with higher rankings by Google

Add extra domains

You’re free to add extra domains at any time (at an additional cost)

All-in-one management

Manage your certificates though one of our free, cloud-based certificate management consoles


Express SSL

Business SSL

Business SSL Wildcard




Security and identity assurance level

Affordable and professional with advanced encryption Encryption and identity assurance Encryption and identity assurance for an unlimited number of sub-domains Maximum security and credibility

Information displayed in certificate

Verified Domain Name Verified Domain Name and Organization Name Verified Domain Name and Organization Name Verified Domain Name, Organization Name, and Organization Address

Issuance time

Within minutes Within minutes* Within minutes* Within minutes*

Can be issued as a Multi-domain/SAN certificate

✔️ ✔️including Wildcard SANs ✔️including Wildcard SANs ✔️


1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year

30-day money-back guarantee

✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️


USD 10,000 USD 1,250,000 USD 1,250,000 USD 1,500,000

Secure padlock in browser

✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

Unlimited support

✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️


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1) a pre-vetted domain 
2) that the certificate is issued through a Managed SSL account

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