Code Signing Certificates

Remember when everyone would go to a physical store to buy new software? It would always come shrink-wrapped as a guarantee to the consumer that the software was both genuine and trustworthy.

Today, all software is purchased and downloaded online instead of in physical shops.

Code Signing certificates play a key role in maintaining the trust that shrink-wrap used to represent: Proof that a piece of software is genuine and from an expected source.

Signing your software removes security warnings and boosts downloads

A Code Signing Certificate allows software developers to include information about themselves and their code through the use of digital signatures.

For developers who distribute software through third-party download sites over which they have little or no control, this is especially important:

Many major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, will show an error message to end-if the software they are trying to install is not signed by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).

Content source

Code Signing identifies a piece of software or an application as coming from a specific source—a developer or a signee.

When software is downloaded online, browsers either show a warning message stating the possible dangers of downloading data or display an “Unknown Publisher” security warning.

Code Signing removes the “Unknown Publisher” security warning and identifies the publisher, either by organizational name or by the individual developer’s name.

Content integrity

Code Signing also ensures that a piece of code has not been altered and determines whether code is trustworthy for a specific purpose.

If an application or software code is tampered with or altered after digitally signing, the signature will appear invalid and untrusted.

Code Signing is beneficial both for users and developers: Users are assured who they are downloading software from and can decide whether or not to trust the source, while developers can mark their “brand” and protect their software from unwanted changes.

What our customers say

We have chosen TRUSTZONE because their Code Signing certificates have the highest compatibility in the market!

Erik Testmann, Contest A/S

Key benefits

Supports all major platforms

Including Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Java, Mozilla and, Android

Eliminates browser and OS warnings

Distribute software and
applications successfully over the internet

Timestamp functionality

Continued operation even after the Code Signing certificate has expired



Code Signing

Code Signing

Encrypted digital signature

✔️ ✔️

Requires a rigorous extended validation of the organization


Immediate reputation with Microsoft SmartScreen


Requires two-factor authentication using a hardware token


Private key storage options

HSM (included) HSM (optional)


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How does Code Signing work?

Generally, A Code Signing Certificate is built on the term “Public Key Infrastructure” (PKI) like SSL certificates, which includes a public key and a private key. A Private Key is used to sign the data, and the use of a public key is to confirm the sign of the data.

With the sign of software code, you can timestamp your code to avoid annoying expiry of the digital certificate. Users can trust signed software and they can download it easily, also increases reliability among software users.

A Code Signing software is useful to sign content like software objects, configuration files, manual, virus updates, device drivers, and similar.

What Code Signing looks like

If you’ve ever seen that little popup that comes up when you try to run a program you’ve downloaded, the one that lists who the publisher is and asks “Are you sure you want to run this application?” then you have seen code signing in action.

That dialogue box is telling you that it really is a software patch for your PC or your Mac and that it’s still in the same condition it was when they signed it.

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