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Autorenewal for Azure Apps

Azure App Service is a serverless offering from Microsoft that enables customers to quickly deploy web-based applications. These applications can be secured with a public certificate which can be provided from an TRUSTZONE Managed SSL account via the Azure Key Vault integration  


  • An TRUSTZONE Managed SSL account
  • An Azure Key Vault integrated with the MSSL account

See this link for instructions on how to set up the integration: https://trustzone.com/knowledge-base/managed-ssl-integration-with-azure-key-vault/

You can use the instructions on this page to an Azure Web app or Function with automatic certificate renewal

  • First you need to order your certificate by going to your Key Vault, selecting “Certificates”, and clicking “+Generate/Import”
Guide on: Autorenewal for Azure Apps
  • “Type of Certificate Authority (CA)” should be set to “Certificate issued by an Integrated CA” and select the TRUSTZONE integration. Set up the auto-renewal with “Lifetime Action Type”.
Guide on: Autorenewal for Azure Apps
  • Then click “Create” to order the certificate. It will show up as “In progress” in the Key Vault and after 2-3 minutes should have the status “Completed”
  • Go to you Web App or Function and select “TLS/SSL settings”. The click on the “Private Key Certificates (.pfx) tab and select “+ Import Key Vault Certificate”.
Guide on: Autorenewal for Azure Apps
  • Select the certificate from the Key Vault.
Guide on: Autorenewal for Azure Apps
  • To use the certificate you will need your domain added as a custom domain and a binding. To make the binding, please select the “Bindings” tab in the TLS/SSL settings menu and then select the “+Add TLS/SSL bindings”. Now select your domain and certificate. If you wish to have several certificates in linked to your App you should use “SNI SSL” if you are only using a single certificate you can select IP based SSL .   
Guide on: Autorenewal for Azure Apps
  • The certificate should now be in use on your Azure App. You can check this by going to “Custom Domains” in the menu blade.
Guide on: Autorenewal for Azure Apps

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