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Download EV Code Signing Certificate


  1. You will need a SafeNet USB Token. This will be mailed to you when you place your order.
  2. Download and install SafeNet Authentication Client
  3. Plug in and initialize your USB token. This is only needed the first time the token is used.
  4. For certificate pickup, you must have access to a Windows PC and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Once the certificate is installed on the USB token, you may sign from other platforms such as macOS.

IMPORTANT: EV Code Signing Certificate is now issued of R45 Intermediate Certificate, and you may need to include the R3-R45 Cross Certificate.

Token Initialization

NB: Initializing the SafeNet USB token resets the token to its factory state to ensure that the token is ready for use. This is only needed the first time the token is used. Initializing the token deletes existing certificates on the token.

Start the SafeNet Authentication Client and click the gear icon to access the token settings:


Right-click the token (Should be Card #XXX) and select Initialize Token:

In the Initialize Token window Select Configure all initialization settings and policies and then click Next.

Then tick the Use factory default administrator password and the Use factory default digital signature PUK. Click Next to proceed:

Create a New Token Password and tick off the box Token password must be changed on the first logon.

NB: Optionally an Administrator Password can also be set. The Default administrator password is forty-eight 0’s:

Set a new PIN and PUK code for the token. The default PUK code is six 0’s.

Click Finish.

Your token is now ready to be used.

Download & Install

  1. Once your order has been approved, vetted, and you have your USB token initialized, open the pickup link from your pickup e-mail in Internet Explorer.
  2. Enter the Temporary Pickup Password that was set at the time of ordering:

  3. Click Yes when prompted to allow Digital Certificate operations:

  4. To install on a SafeNet USB token provided by GlobalSign, select:

    eToken Base Cryptographic Provider.

    Check the box to agree to the subscriber agreement and click Next:

  5. Enter the password for your USB token. This was set during the initialization process. 

  6. The screen may appear to freeze for a minute or two; do not press the back button on your browser. You should see the light on your USB token blinking. Eventually, you will see a message encouraging you to wait for a while:

  7. Once the token has finished the keypair generation, click the button Install My Certificate:

  8. Again, click Yes to allow Digital Certificate operations:

  9. Finally, click OK when you get the Install Success message:


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