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Downloading a PersonalSign Certificate

PersonalSign certificates are client certificates that can be used for certificate-based login, applying digital signatures and mail encryption.


  • Pickup password (This is the password created when the order was made)
  • Internet Explorer

(Currently Internet Explorer is needed to download the certificate. The reason for this is that IE is the only browser that has the ActiveX functionality to interact with the certificate store on Windows. By using IE the private key of the certificate is generated client-side i.e. on your local machine. This means that your private key is only accessible by you and that TRUSTZONE or our CA GlobalSign does not have access to it.)

You can use the instruction on this page to download your PersonalSign certificate

When creating your PersonalSign certificate order you will be asked to specify the e-mail address that the certificate will be issued to.

This email will be used for validation, so please ensure that the correct email is specified. The password created here is the pickup password which will be used when you download the certificate.

  • Once your certificate application has been approved you will receive a mail with a link to download your certificate.

Note that the link must be opened in Internet Explorer.

  • You will then be asked to input the pickup password created when the certificate was ordered.

If you have forgotten the password, please contact support@trustzone.com as it is not possible to reset or recover it.

  • You will then be prompted to allow to access the Cryptographic Service Providers (CSP’s) on your device. Select “Next” to continue
  • If you would like the certificate on multiple devices or make a backup of the certificate (recommended). Make sure to check the option to make the certificate exportable.
  • Then select the CSP. If you do have a need for a specific provider select the “Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider v1.0” and click “Next”.
  • You will then be asked to install the certificate on your device and be prompted a second time to allow the access on your device to generate the certificate.
  • A popup should then appear when the process is complete and the certificate installed.

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