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Intermediate CA, RSA, SHA1 (GlobalSign)

Download and install our Intermediate CA (RSA-SHA1 edition) 

Customers installing a TRUSTZONE Express, Business, Business Wildcard, Business for Intranet Use, Mobile or EV SSL certificate will need to install the appropriate Intermediate Root CA certificate(s) onto their web servers.

The installation only needs to be conducted once every 10th year thus depending of the validity of the Intermediate Root CA certificate(s).

Once installed, all browsers, applications and mobiles will trust your web server certificate. If you do not install the appropriate Intermediate Root CA certificate(s), it’s likely your web site will be presented as untrusted.

The Intermediate Root CA certificate(s) needs only to be installed on the web server and are NOT needed to be installed by visitors to your web site.

Copy and paste all characters below (including the
into a text editor and save it with an extension of .cer, .crt or .pem depending on which server software you are running:

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