Certificate Manager

The future is now: Certificate Manager fully automates the entire certificate management workflow while adapting to both current and future key size and algorithm security requirements.

The use of digital certificates has exploded over recent years, but at the same time the technology behind PKI is constantly evolving. This means that the need for easier certificate deployment and more frequently updates has never been greater.

By automating certificate generation, issuance, installation, and renewals while adapting to security requirements, Certificate Manager solves this challenge.

Put your PKI on autopilot

Manually handling PKI and certificate management is both risky and highly time-consuming. Certificate Manager changes that: Our globally patented, automated technology makes implementation, distribution, and management simple as well as secure.

By eliminating the vast amount of manual tasks related to PKI and certificate lifecycle management, Certificate Manager also helps to reduce costs related to both operations and IT security.

Multi-CA support

Since Certificate Manager is CA independent and linked to a large number of public CAs, vendor lock-in is not a risk. We will be happy to assist you in switching between CAs – it’s easy and quick, even when it involves thousands of certificates and end-points.

In addition, Certificate Manager contains an internal CA for the generation of private certificates and (keys). These can also be short-lived. For you, this means that purchasing unnecessarily expensive public certificates for internal use is a thing of the past.

Flexible distribution to all types of servers and end-points

You can use Certificate Manager to distribute and manage large numbers of certificates for servers, laptops, mobile phones, Internet of Things devices – basically anything you can think of. We do that on almost every OS and multi-domain.

Certificate Manager is a virtual appliance-based solution that fits seamlessly into your existing network infrastructure. It automatically creates, distributes, and installs short-lived or long-lived X.509 certificates with corresponding strong cryptographic key-pairs, securing the server, user, a device connections.

Authentication of an end-point relies on the authentication solution you currently have in place: Active Directory (including Kerberos), LDAP, Radius, and MySQL.

In addition, where appropriate, we also allow for additional trusted hardware verification on top of the authentication solutions you choose to connect to Certificate Manager.

Hosting options

Host Certificate Manager yourself, bring it to the cloud or ask us to host it for you — the choice is yours. Certificate Manager allows you to serve from one single end-pooint and up to hundreds of millions of end-points with certificates automatically replaced on a just-in-time basis.

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Key features

Seamless integration

Integrates seamlessly with your existing systems


A fully automated solution that requires minimal PKI expertise

Unlimited certificate distribution

Supports distribution of SSL/TLS, S/MIME, machine, and IoT certificates

CA agnostic

Handles both public trusted certificates and certificates from private CAs


Automatically renew your certificates 1 day, 7 days or 30 days before they expire


Based on a patented technology, Certificate Manager will adapt to current and future requirements

Pricing options

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