The Future Is Automated

Our Certificate Manager (TCM) automates the entire certificate management workflow to meet your security requirements – today and tomorrow.

Over the last two decades, the usage and importance of digital certificates have exploded. The complexity and cost of keeping up with the technology and regulations that make up the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) ecosystem have become a major challenge for many organizations.

Our Certificate Manager solves this challenge by identifying, validating, and securing all your users, data, servers, and devices.

PKI management on autopilot

Manually handling PKI and certificate management is both risky and highly time-consuming.

Certificate Manager changes that: Our globally patented, automated technology makes implementation, distribution, and management both easy, secure, and future-proof.

By eliminating the vast amount of manual tasks related to PKI and certificate lifecycle management, TCM reduces operational, IT, and compliance risks and costs.

The platform will also automatically adapt to future security and enterprise requirements.

Open to all CAs

Vendor lock-in is not cool. Luckily, TCM is CA agnostic, handling certificates from most public Certificate Authorities (CAs) and even private ones. We will help you migrate and switch between CAs, whether you have 20 or even 2000 certificates and end-points.

You can also generate private certificates and keys on an as-needed basis. The built-in CA lets you eliminate the purchase of unnecessarily expensive public certificates for internal use.

Plug-and-play at scale

With TCM, you have a flexible system for distributing and managing large numbers of certificates for servers, laptops, mobile phones, and all kinds of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

TCM fits seamlessly into your existing network infrastructure, runs on almost every OS and multi-domain. It automatically creates, distributes, and installs short-lived or long-lived X.509 certificates with corresponding strong cryptographic key-pairs, securing the server, user, and device connections.

End-point authentication seamlessly integrates with the solutions you currently have in place: Active Directory (incl. Kerberos), LDAP, Radius, MySQL, and more.

As an added option, we allow additional trusted hardware verification on top of the authentication solutions you choose to connect to TCM.

You? Us? Cloud?

The choice is yours. You can either host TCM yourself locally, have us host it for you, or go straight to the cloud.

In all cases, your TCM solution will enable you to serve up to hundreds of millions of end-points with certificates automatically replaced on a just-in-time basis.

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Pricing options

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Key features

Seamless integration

Integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and technologies

Rapid deployment

Deploy and scale in a matter of minutes

Fully automated

Say goodbye to manually configuring, monitoring, and updating

Unlimited distribution

Supports distribution of SSL/TLS, S/MIME, machine, and IoT certificates

CA agnostic

Handle public trusted certificates and certificates from private CAs


Automatically renew your certificates 1 day, 7 days or 30 days before they expire

Future ready

Patented technology that will adapt to current and future security requirements

Pricing options

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