Customer Portal (TCP)

Reimagine certificate management through advanced and centralized management of PKI-based certificates.

Our Customer Portal (TCP) is an on-demand certificate management solution that ensures trust and certificate uptime while reducing management and inventory overhead.

It offers centralized management of PKI-based certificates, including SSL/TLS, PersonalSign, Code Signing, and AMT vPro.

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SSL/TLS certificates easy and on-demand

Customer Portal brings you the widest selection of certificates available anywhere.

We do the heavy lifting on configuration and maintenance, even premium features such as Certificate Transparency Monitoring, so you never have to worry about not being trusted by your customers.

All you have to do is select from DV, OV, and EV certificates and add SANs or Wildcard options.

⚡ NEW: SSL360®

Our new discovery tool offers a total overview of all your digital certificates across your organization: Track, monitor, and renew every certificate from any provider.

SSL360® is available as a premium feature in our Customer Portal. Prices start at € 299/year.

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Advanced user management

Create and manage additional users with defined permissions and options.

Depending on their user types, users can issue certificates (with or without further approval), access and manage certificates, revoke certificates, make SAN updates, add deposits, and request reports. Choose the setup that fits your needs.

Say goodbye to downtime

Customer Portal gives you no-downtime protection.

SSL certificates have a fixed expiration date, and not renewing them in time can have grave consequences. This can range from getting labeled as a dangerous site on virtually every browser to the inability to perform any customer transaction.

We keep you updated to ensure your SSL certificate is renewed and dont expire so that you can focus on important things like running your business without having to worry about downtime.

What our customers say

It’s user-friendly, and it offers a great overview of our customer’s certificates as well as insight into when certificates need to be renewed

Theis Haubirk


We never experience any issues related to our certificates. Actually, we barely even have to think about them

Nicolaj Palbøl


Key features

Full control

Manage your certificates from one centralized account

Easy to use

Modern and intuitive user interface

One-click certificate management

Quickly revoke, renew, update, reissue, or cancel certificates

Defined user roles

Control who can issue and manage certificates

Flexible business terms

We offer flexible business terms for your use case

Dedicated Account Manager

Get a dedicated TRUSTZONE expert on the case

Technical support

We offer unlimited technical customer support

Pricing options

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FAQ Customer portal

  • What is the Trustzone customer portal and what can it do?

    Trustzone Customer Portal is a platform where customers can order and manage their SSL/TLS certificates.

  • How does the customer portal help with certificate management?

    The customer portal provides a range of features to help users manage their SSL/TLS certificates. It allows customers to easily purchase, renew, and manage their certificates in one central location, streamlining the certificate management process.

  • How can I get support or assistance with the customer portal?

    If you need assistance with the customer portal, please contact Trustzone customer support. Our team is available to help you with any issues or questions you may have.


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