Managed S/MIME

For enterprise organizations looking to implement an enterprise-wide secure email solution, Managed S/MIME is the answer. It offers simplified deployment options and full certificate management capabilities.

With Managed S/MIME, administrators can issue, renew, reissue, and revoke email certificates throughout their organization.

Managed S/MIME offers significant cost savings over purchasing individual email certificates and robust reporting features, allowing organizations to monitor certificate activity from one centralized account.

Issue email certificates without hassle

Managed S/MIME offers the ability to use pre-vetted identities to greatly accelerate the issuance process.

Both your company identity and your domain ownership will be vetted. Once vetted you can instantly issue email certificates containing your vetted information.


Sign your emails

Not only is signing your emails helpful for your outside transactions with clients — but it is also highly recommended to have the emails between your employees signed.

This isn’t a sign of distrust among your co-workers, but rather a means to protect them from aggressive phishing techniques like CEO fraud.

Encrypt your emails: E2EE

If you’re still not convinced about encrypting emails, remember that Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who exposed secret NSA operations, believes in encrypting emails.

And Edward Snowden is far from the only one — over the years, several big names have also realized the importance of encrypting emails:

Unlike virtually all other “secure email” solutions, email certificates offer end-to-end encryption (E2EE). Security professionals and privacy experts largely support the idea of end-to-end encryption because it can’t be beat in terms of protecting your data from hackers and other parties who may want to spy on you.

When you allow the data transmitter (the messaging service provider) to decrypt your messages, you’re leaving a significant potential security hole that could cause problems if the server is hacked or surveilled.

The S/MIME technology

S/MIME  is based on asymmetric cryptography that uses a pair of mathematically related keys to operate: A public key and a private key. It is computationally unfeasible to figure out the private key based on the public key.

Emails are encrypted with the recipient’s public key. An email can only be decrypted with the corresponding private key, which is supposed to be kept in the sole possession of the recipient.

Unless the private key is compromised, you can be confident that only your intended recipient will be able to access the sensitive data in your emails.

Key features


Managed S/MIME is optimized for enterprise use

Easy to set up

Only requires a minimum of user introduction

Full compatibility

S/MIME is compatible with all popular email clients

Lightning fast

Issue email certificates in just minutes

Protects your employees and customers

Digitally signed emails help counter spoofing and phishing attacks

Encrypts and protects

Encrypt emails to protect contents in transit and at rest

Granular user permissions

Clearly define user roles and privileges

Delegated administration

Delegate permissions within your enterprise


Pre-vetted identities greatly accelerates the issuance process.


End-to-end encryption technology (E2EE) supported by security professionals and privacy experts

Active Directory Integration

Integrates with AD for easy and seamless management

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