⚡ SSL360™

Our brand-new discovery tool SSL360™ provides total visibility and control of public-facing digital certificates across your organization:

Inventory, track, monitor, and renew your certificates — all in one place!

Today, SSL/TLS certificates are utilized by millions of online platforms and services. This makes them a tempting target for (often preventable) data hacks and security breaches.

Hacking or hijacking of digital certificates is a rapidly growing cybersecurity threat for organizations of all sizes: According to recent numbers, digital certificates are harvested and hacked every ten minutes or less on average.

SSL360™ provides total visibility and total control of public-facing digital certificates across your organization:

As important as selecting and deploying the right certificates is, it is even more important to effectively inventory, track, validate, and renew them. 

SSL360™ takes care of all of that, so you can run your business with peace of mind and protect yourself and your customers from expired or hijacked certificates.

Certificate tracking on autopilot

Most organizations have no idea where their certificates are, how many they have, who issued them, or what purpose they serve.

If that sounds familiar, perhaps a little too familiar, don’t worry! Staying on top of your certificates is a full-time job even when you know what to look for and consistently stay on top of it.

SSL360™ takes certificate tracking to a new level, with a set of tools that inventory and account for certificates across your infrastructure, cross-reference them with security and transparency databases, and renew them well in advance of any service disruptions and compliance issues.

Automatic domain discovery

While you grab a coffee, SSL360™ will find your organization’s domains and active certificates for the domain and its subdomains.

You can also easily add domains missed in the initial scan, and the platform will take care of the rest.

Don’t lose trust and income

A single rogue or lapsed certificate can cause a lot of trouble for you and your customers, and lead to a permanent loss in trust and income.

SSL360™ acts as a 24/7/365 digital investigator that finds certificates that reference you but are not in your control, certificates issued from compromised CAs, certificates issued in violation of your corporate policies, and certificates issued to attackers who have taken over an abandoned sub-domain.

SSL360™ stays on top of it all so you don’t have to worry about rogue assets again.

All certificates are welcome

Let’s Encrypt? Digicert? SSL360™ doesn’t discriminate – you can include all your existing certificates!

In fact, you can track and manage all public-facing SSL/TLS certificates from any CA (Certificate Authority), and even renew them when the time comes.

Get organized in one portal

There is no complicated onboarding, no on-premise setup, no software download. SSL360™ gives you clear visibility on your inventory, what to look out for, and granular controls to take action – all out of the box and in the cloud.

What our customers say

My advice is: Get it today.

With SSL360™, it’s so affordable to get this overview that there’s no reason not to. We’ll keep using it, that’s for sure.

Brian Skibby, Børsen

Børsen: “We never had this kind of overview before”

Key features

Ready, SaaS, go!

Track and manage your certificates in the cloud – no download required

Get important alerts

Know what’s happening with your certificates and when they are about to expire

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

Stay on top of your certificates and find certificates on your domain that you are not in control of

Set monitoring frequency

Monitor your certificates daily, weekly, monthly – you set the frequency, the platform delivers

Avoid outages

Identify rogue, revoked, and expiring certificates

Works with all certificates

Compatible with all public-facing SSL/TLS certificates, regardless of issuer

1-click certificate renewal

Renew SSL/TLS certificates from any CA directly on the platform

Top-rated technical support

Unlimited technical customer support included


 Number of certificates
(CT logs) 👉

1-10 11-25 26-50 51-100 101-250 250+
5 years  € 853

Save 42%

€ 1400

Save 25%

€ 2360

Save 25%

€ 4025

Save 25%

€ 7045

Save 25%

€ 9059

Save 25%

4 years € 739 € 1219 € 2049 € 3485 € 6100 € 7850
3 years € 569 € 939 € 1575 € 2680 € 4695 € 6039
2 years € 399 € 656 € 1100 € 1879 € 3289 € 4225
1 year € 299 € 375 € 630 € 1075 € 1879 € 2415

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