Arriva: Service, Flexibility and a Solid Understanding of Our Needs

Arriva has been a key player in Danish public transportation since 1997. Today, Arriva is the largest bus operator and the second-largest train operator nationwide.


IT Operation Manager Nicolaj Palbøl was not yet working for the company when the TRUSTZONE/Arriva partnership started in 2006.

Still, he is confident that it’s the perfect match:

“There isn’t really that much to say—we never experience any issues related to our certificates. Actually, we barely even have to think about them”, says Palbøl.

The setup: Customer Portal

Arriva has a Customer Portal account. Whenever one of Arriva’s certificates gets close to expiring, automatic notifications are sent to both TRUSTZONE and Arriva. TRUSTZONE then contacts Arriva to confirm an order renewal.

“We don’t need to monitor anything. We are simply guided through everything from start to finish”, Palbøl says.

We don’t need to monitor anything

Nicolaj Palbøl, Arriva

And if Arriva has any questions or needs help with anything? “I just call Mathias [Account Manager at TRUSTZONE  – Ed.]” says Palbøl. “He handles absolutely everything on the supplier’s side.”

The only thing that he or one of Arriva’s other employees needs to do is to confirm the information required during the validation process and to install the certificates once they are issued.

Changing needs require flexibility

Deutsche Bahn acquired Arriva in 2010. Shortly after that, SAP was introduced as the new ERP system at Arriva.

In practice, this means that all of Arriva’s suppliers must now be registered in SAP.

According to Palbøl, some suppliers turned out to “prefer to do things the ‘old-fashioned’ way”, but not TRUSTZONE:

“TRUSTZONE is both able and willing to do what it takes to match our procedures,” says Palbøl.

A solid partnership

As for any future plans for the TRUSTZONE/Arriva partnership:

“There’s no doubt: We wouldn’t dream of changing anything that runs this smoothly,” says Nicolaj Palbøl.

There’s no doubt: We wouldn’t dream of changing anything that runs this smoothly

Nicolaj Palbøl, Arriva

Arriva was acquired by Deutsche Bahn in 2010, and the company’s fleet of buses cover almost all areas of Denmark. Arriva employs around 3,500 bus drivers nationwide.

Apart from operating buses and trains, Arriva also operate the popular Copenhagen Harbour Buses that have connected bus stops near the capital’s harbour front since 2000.