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Download and Install AATL or Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seals/Signatures


This guide can be used for downloading and installing the following products:

  • Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) Certificate
  • Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seal
  • Qualified Certificate for Electronic Signature


  1. You will need a SafeNet USB Token. This will be mailed to you when you place your order.
  2. Download and install SafeNet Authentication Client (Note: for renewals the SafeNet drivers do not need to be reinstalled)
  3. When plugging in the token the first time you will be prompted to enter the token password. The default token password is 1234567890 (Can be changed later on).
  4. Download and install Fortify

Download and installing

Once your order has been vetted by the TRUSTZONE Vetting Team you will receive a pickup-email with a link to download your certificate.

Pickup-email with a link to download your certificate

Click the link to initiate the certificate generation process. You will then be prompted for the pickup password which was set when the order was placed. If the order was placed by TRUSTZONE on your behalf please contact the Support Team (support@trustzone.com) for the password.

Initiate the certificate generation process

You will then be prompted by Fortify to allow access to the token. The number in the Fortify pop-up should correspond to the number shown on the website. Click “Approve” to allow the access.

NB: If neither the Fortify app or the “Approve” option pops up, configure your browsers permission settings or try using a different browser.

“Approve” option pops up example

If you are requested to insert your token by the website. Please plug in your token or pull the token out and reinsert it again.

Insert smartcard or token example

The CSR details will then be presented. Please ensure that all the information is correct and notify the TRUSTZONE Support Team if any changes needs to be made. Click “Create” to go to the next step.

CSR details example

You will then get a prompt by Fortify to enter your token password. Click “Ok”

Fortify to enter your token password example

Then on the “Install Certificate” screen select the correct token (SafeNet eToken 5110cc) and click on “Start”

Install Certificate

Your browser will then display a prompt if the certificate installation has been successful.

System prompt Globalsign

Your certificate is now ready to be used!

NOTE: Despite the certificate being visible in the SafeNet Client, signing may initially fail. If this happens, simply unplug and replug your token before signing.

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