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How to Install Your SSL Certificate on a Microsoft Exchange 2010 Web Server

Please follow these instructions to install your SSL certificate in Microsoft Exchange 2010.

First, copy the SSL certificate from the email and save this as mydomain.cer. It is advised that you place this on your desktop.

Installing the certificate with the Exchange Management Console

Start the Exchange Management Console by selecting Start, Programs, Microsoft Exchange 2010, and Exchange Management Console.

Select Manage Databases, and then Server configuration.

Select the certificate from the center menu (listed by its Friendly Name), and select Complete Pending Request from the Actions menu.

Browse to the certificate file, then select Open and click Complete.

  1. Press F5 to refresh the page and verify that the certificate now says False under Self Signed. If True is still shown, the wrong certificate has been selected, or installed on the wrong server. To resolve this issue, create a new CSR on this Exchange server and reissue the certificate

  2. If installed correctly you now need to enable the certificate. Go back to the Exchange Management Console and click the link to Assign Services to Certificate

  3. Select the server from the list provided

  4. Click Next

  5. Select the services for which the certificate must be enabled then click Next

  6. Click Assign

  7. Click Finish

The certificate is now installed and enabled for use with Exchange 2010.


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