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In a modern and increasingly digital world, expired SSL certificates pose a significant risk for businesses in all industries. At TRUSTZONE, we have developed a modern SSL management tool that effectively scans, monitors, and prevents your company’s SSL certificates from expiring. Read on to learn everything you need to know about handling expired SSL certificates.

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SSL certificates are critical for both large and small businesses

TSL/SSL certificates play an increasingly important role for company online security since the usage of digital certificates has exploded in recent years.

SSL certificates are used to keep personal information such as credit card information, login information, and other sensitive information safe when communicating online, either publicly or internally within an organization.

With an SSL certificate, data is encrypted before it is sent via the internet. This encrypted data can then only be decrypted by the server to which you send it. This ensures that the information you submit to websites will remain private. Today, SSL certificates are used both on individual domains and websites, servers, applications and devices that are a part of a company’s or organization’s PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).

Consequences of having expired SSL certificates

As the usage of SSL certificates has increased, so has the negative consequence of having one or more expired SSL certificates within your PKI.

Today, hackers often target expired SSL certificates to get their hands on critical or personal information. According to recent numbers, digital certificates are harvested and hacked every ten minutes on average.

The consequences of having expired SSL certificates are many and varied depending on which sort of business you have. Some of the most obvious consequences are:

  • The overall trust of your website is reduced immediately.
  • Your company’s brand and reputation are a risk.
  • An expired SSL certificate can lead to a sharp decline in sales and revenue.
  • Personal information at risk from man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Individuals become susceptible to fraud and identity theft.

Surveys have shown that expired SSL certificates cost the average global 5,000 company about $15 million to recover from the loss of business due to a certificate outage.

Gartner has furthermore estimated that a business will lose $5600 a minute when an unexpected certificate-related outage hits a firm.

The reason for these high costs is that today, websites are part of multiple interconnected security points: If your website is included in a shared certificate along with hundreds of others, your site will crash if that specific certificate expires. If you use a Wildcard certificate on your every subdomain and domain will take a hit if you miss just one of these subdomains when you renew the SSL certificate. No chain is stronger than its weakest link.

Furthermore, hackers will easily access your organization’s and your clients’ most cortical information when your infrastructure breaks down.

If it can happen to LinkedIn, it can also happen to you

There are plenty of examples of large-scale companies that have not managed to renew their SSL/TSL certificates in time.

One of the most prominent companies to experience the effects of an expired certificate was LinkedIn in both 2017 and 2019. And as we say, if it can happen to LinkedIn – it can happen to you.

Monitoring and tracking expired SSL certificates could become even more time-consuming soon

Managing and monitoring SSL certificates can be a very time-consuming task for most companies.

Today, most administrators in charge of managing PKI for an organization or a business often handle tens (if not hundreds!) of certificates.

All these certificates can have varying expiration dates and be issued by multiple different certificate authorities (CA’s), only adding to the complexity of this task.

In just a few years, certificate validity has been reduced from five to three, two and now one year (398 days). Validity is expected to continue to decrease significantly in the coming years, which will only make it even more time-consuming to monitor and renew expired certificates.

Automate SSL monitoring with SSL360 today

But don’t worry – monitoring and renewing expired SSL/TLS certificates doesn’t have to be complicated or take up much of your time.

At TRUSTZONE, we have developed our very own platform to solve this issue, called SSL360®.

With SSL360®, you get a state-of-the-art SSL monitoring tool that helps you stay on top of all your digital certificates. SSL360® provides total visibility and total control of public-facing digital certificates across your organization:

As important as selecting and deploying the correct certificates is, it is even more critical to effectively inventory, track, validate, and renew them. SSL360® takes care of all of that, so you can run your business with peace of mind and protect yourself and your customers from expired or hijacked certificates.

SSL360® takes certificate tracking to a new level, with a set of tools that inventory and account for certificates across your infrastructure, cross-reference them with security and transparency databases, and help you renew them well in advance of any service disruptions and compliance issues.


Key features

Ready, SaaS, go!

Track and manage your certificates in the cloud – no download required

Get important alerts

Know what’s happening with your certificates and when they are about to expire

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

Stay on top of your certificates and find certificates on your domain that you are not in control of

Set monitoring frequency

Monitor your certificates daily, weekly, monthly – you set the frequency, the platform delivers

Avoid outages

Identify rogue, revoked, and expiring certificates

Works with all certificates

Compatible with all public-facing SSL/TLS certificates, regardless of issuer

1-click certificate renewal

Renew SSL/TLS certificates from any CA directly on the platform

Top-rated technical support

Unlimited technical customer support included


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TRUSTZONE: Trusted by more than +3000 companies globally

TRUSTZONE is Scandinavia’s largest SSL/TLS certificate supplier and a leading provider of scalable PKI and IoT solutions for encryption, authentication, and automated SSL-certificate lifecycle management.

We offer custom options for companies and organizations across industries with a full suite of compatibility-optimized, fully scalable certificate products and solutions.

Our options fit all company sizes — from small, one-person businesses and startups needing one or two SSL/TLS certificates to large international companies looking for full-scale, enterprise-grade solutions.

We have more than 15 years of experience with PKI, SSL/TLS, and certificate management. 3,000+ companies of all sizes have already trusted us with their certificates, and TRUSTZONE certificates protect more than 80% of the Danish banking sector.

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