Atea: We’re Never Just a Number in a Queue

With approximately 7,500 employees and 85 across seven countries, Atea is the largest Nordic IT infrastructure supplier, designing, implementing, and managing highly complex IT solutions.


Apart from providing deep expertise—the company’s 4,000 consultants hold a total of 7,500 technical certifications—Atea supplies customers with a complete selection of hardware and software from the world’s leading suppliers and technology companies.

New certificates are issued instantly

For the last 12 years, Atea has worked with TRUSTZONE in regards to their digital certificates as well as clients’ certificates:

Atea uses Managed SSL when managing their certificates, mainly because the platform allows new certificates for pre-validated domains to be issued instantly.

In the past: Inconvenient and expensive

Atea uses Customer Portal for clients’ certificates:

“Before we started using Customer Portal, we didn’t have any partner agreement in regards to digital certificates.

Back then, our clients had to order and handle certificates on their own.

We would advise them in terms of which certificates were required and how to install them.

Still, it would end up being both inconvenient, expensive, and very time-consuming,” says Theis Haubirk, manager of Infrastructure as a Service at Atea.

We are never just a number in a queue, which would be the case if we used a large CA. We get the attention we need

Theis Haubirk, Atea

An integrated part of infrastructure and workflow

The current setup allows Atea to offer digital certificates as an integrated part of the infrastructure that the company already designs, builds, and runs for its customers.

One key advantage of using Customer Portal is that Atea’s consultants can register new clients and issue the necessary certificates almost instantly:

“Customer Portal is accessible at all times. It’s user-friendly, and it offers a great overview of our customer’s certificates as well as insight into when certificates need to be renewed,” says Theis.

Fast-tracking of orders and qualified advice

When a new SSL certificate is issued, the mandatory validation process starts. Depending on the type of certificate, these validation steps can be more or less comprehensive.

Sometimes, a customer needs to accelerate their certificate validation. The fact that TRUSTZONE has an in-house vetting team makes this quick and straightforward:

“Vetting is effective when things need to go quickly,” says Theis.

Summing up the long-standing TRUSTZONE/Atea partnership, Theis describes the successful collaboration like this:

“We are never just a number in a queue, which would be the case if we used a large CA. We get the attention we need.

We get extremely qualified advice very quickly.”

We get extremely qualified advice very quickly

Casper Glasius Nyborg, Atea

As the leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions for businesses and public-sector organizations in the Nordic and Baltic region, Atea offers a full range of hardware and software from the world’s top technology companies.

By combining technology and vendor partnerships with skilled consultants, the company helps customers solve problems and get maximum productivity from their IT investments. In 2019, Atea’s revenue was NOK 37 billion.