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FAQ: Multi-Year Products

The browsers (Google, Firefox, and Apple Safari) have long stated that they prefer shorter validity periods for publicly trusted certificates. Shorter certificate validity, in theory, means improved security in terms of more frequent identity verification, reduced exposure to SSL/TLS related vulnerabilities, and of course, to private key compromises.

That being said, we have also listened to our customers who still want a discount on the certificate or multiple certificates they know they need year after year. Therefore we have re-introduced the opportunity to purchase SSL/TLS products with a multi-year validity period.

How does it work?

When you purchase a new or renew an existing SSL/TLS certificate with the multi-year option, you will receive the initial certificate, valid for one year, and entitlement to unlimited certificate reissues during the order period—up to five years.

If the certificate only lasts one year, how can I purchase it for multiple years?

 When you are buying a multi-year certificate, you are essentially purchasing a volume discount. You can pay for multiple years at once and enjoy a lower price.

What happens after one year when the certificate is about to expire?

To obtain the remaining time left on your certificate, you will need to renew your certificate by submitting a new CSR file through the TRUSTZONE Customer Portal.

Does Domain Control Validation (DCV) occur every year?

Yes, DCV occurs each time a certificate needs to be updated or renewed, which will happen at least once every 398 days.


Can I change the common name of the certificate during the lifespan of the certificate?

 Yes, but only when you need to renew your certificate once a year.


Can I add or remove subject alternative names (SANs) during the lifespan of the certificate?

Yes, but adding SANs may result in additional costs. Prices for new SANs are pro-rated and applied based on the remaining time on the multi-year product and included in the product for the remaining lifespan.

Can I cancel my multi-year purchase?
Yes, you can cancel within the first 30 days of the initial purchase and get a full refund. After the first 30 days, you can no longer cancel your purchase.

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