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Want to expand your revenue stream and provide your customers with top-notch online security? Look no further than becoming a TRUSTZONE SSL Certificate reseller partner. With our flexible options, expert support, and streamlined certificate management tools, let’s work together to take your business to the next level.

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Nowadays, ALL sites use HTTPS

The use of SSL certificates has skyrocketed in recent years. First and foremost, because of an increased and constant focus on online security. But the increased usage has undoubtedly also been driven by regulations like GDPR and Google, which rank websites with SSL certificates over those without.

Expand your revenue stream

With the explosion of SSL certificates comes an obvious opportunity for your business, reselling SSL certificates! Regardless of which industry your customers are in, they all need SSL certificates. It’s just a matter of how many and where to buy them. With our partner program, you can easily resell a wide selection of SSL certificates and email and Code Signing certificates.

Why become a TRUSTZONE partner and SSL Certificate reseller?


No deposit is required!

Joining our partner program is free, and you can start on a Pay As You Go plan. However, a deposit could be considered to receive even better pricing.



Manage all certificates from one account!

Our modern and intuitive partner portal makes purchasing, renewing, reissuing, yup, any aspect of certificate management super easy.


A world-class technical support team is at your service!

With nearly 20 years of experience providing technical support for digital certificates and the systems they are used on; we’ve got your back. Get informed on this link.


All certificates are issued lightning-fast!

Get DV certificates in minutes, OV certificates in a few hours. We’re unmatched in the industry.



You’ll get a personal account manager!

Our goal at TRUSTZONE is to provide you with an exceptional experience. Your dedicated Account Manager will respond promptly, accurately, and is knowledgeable about all our products and services.



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Keep an eye on SSL certificates for your customers

Due to the explosive growth of SSL certificates, most companies don’t have an overview of their certificates. From our experience and daily conversations with businesses of all sizes, we also know that many don’t know where their certificates are, how many they have, who issued them, or what purpose they serve – which is why we invented SSL360®. With SSL360®, you can monitor all your customers’ SSL certificates and gain these benefits and insights:

✔️ You’ll stay ahead of all your customers’ SSL certificates, including expiration dates.

✔️ You gain insight into all SSL certificates used on your customers’ domains.

✔️ You’ll get recommendations on how to set up your customers’ SSL/TLS certificates.

✔️ You can purchase and renew all your customers’ SSL certificates from one portal.

✔️ You get insight and can inform your customers about Shadow IT.

✔️ You can identify subdomains protected by wildcard certificates.


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